About Us

about us

Oking Habib The Haberdasher is a stylist and custom apparel designer with over three decades in men's fashion. OkingHabib, started his fashion debonairing flare at a young age growing up in Nigeria.

His business and natual knowledge of men's fashion earned him 2004 Quest For Success Award from African American Chamber Of Commerce and was futured several time in The Dallas Morning News And other news publications during his days of Silhouette, Images Of Men (1991-2004)

Silhouette was a premier upscale Dallas menswear boutique,before he started Haberdashery Custom Apparel in west village uptown Dallas, Texas.

Now located in north Dallas showroom where Habib tailored his business combined with his expertise to serve you for all your wardrobe needs, including weddings groups and perfect alterations are some of his considered services that you can enjoy at your home,office or at his rooftop Richardson showroom.